An Almost Effortless Fat Loss Plan

Why is this study important, and what does it tell us? It’s a small study, and to my knowledge, the first of its kind. This means we need to look at it with some level of caution.

However, given the large body of evidence on protein preloads and the well-known effects of protein and fat in slowing glucose absorption, these results make very good sense.

In fact, it may surprise you to know that many savvy fat loss practitioners and coaches have already been using this technique. It made intuitive sense based on what we knew about protein and preloads, and so many of us extrapolated the concept of food sequencing and used it.

My colleagues and I have advocated protein and fiber consumption (i.e., meat and non-starchy vegetables) ahead of starch consumption for some time. This has yielded very good clinical results for us.

Studies like this are needed to validate clinical practice and prove themselves as effective tools across the board. This study confirms the value of the practice. These participants were simply given a diet guideline in the way reading a diet book provides a guideline. They then went and lived their lives.

The fact that they saw results means this approach is doable in the real world. Doable solutions are the only solutions that matter in lifestyle change. A perfect program no one can do is not a perfect solution at all. In fact, it’s a waste.

I like this approach because it’s a very simple change that can have big-time, positive metabolic effects. When you combine this information with eating the right amount and type of food, as well as timing meals to maximize satiety and satisfaction, you have the makings of a very powerful self-structured eating plan.

Remember, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to diet. You need to become a metabolic detective and build a plan that works for you. Experimenting with food sequencing could be another important component to consider.

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