Top 10 Wellness Supplements for Health & Longevity

If you’re able to spend between 15 and 30 minutes in the sun, pretty much naked, every day, without getting skin cancer or looking like an old catcher’s mitt, skip the vitamin D3 supplements. Otherwise, take 1000 to 5000 IU every day to enjoy increased cognition and better immune health and bone health while reducing the risks of cancer, heart disease, and diabetes.

Ideally, use microencapsulated vitamin D3. This form of the vitamin is manufactured by encapsulating vitamin D3 molecules in liposomes or solid lipid nanoparticles. The vitamin then presents as tiny “beadlets” and is protected from moisture, oxidation, pH, temperature, and mechanical forces. It’s stable, water dispersible, and highly bioavailable.

The effects of microencapsulated vitamin D3 remain constant for up to two weeks, making it superior to conventional vitamin D3 supplements. Our I-Well™ formula contains 5000 IU of microencapsulated vitamin D3.

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