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Get more scapula freedom and healthier shoulders.

Look at any bodybuilding program. Most pressing movements involve keeping your scapula locked down onto a bench. There’s a time and a place for fixing your scapula, but most of the time, you want to let them move freely. For example, letting them glide around your ribcage as nature intended during some chest press variations.

It’s a hot topic of discussion right now whether you should be actively fixing your scapula into retraction while barbell bench pressing. I think there’s merit to both sides of this argument, and it depends on who you are and why you’re actually bench pressing.

However, during lighter presses geared towards building maximum muscle, you should, without a doubt, be allowing your scapula some freedom.

One of the easiest ways to start doing this is to use a standing cable chest press. Since there’s no bench behind you, this automatically results in more scapula movement.

As your scapula are allowed to move, you’ll feel a better contraction in your pecs (especially the deeper pec minor) while also activating more of your important shoulder stabilizers.

That’s not to say you’ll build bigger pecs using them over more traditional bodybuilding-style exercises, but a few sets thrown in here and there will benefit your chest development and the health of your shoulders.

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