Get Strong with a Big ROM

Get Strong With An Extra Deficit

You’ll get strong if you have a semi-decent program and good form. But after a point, you won’t be able to add five pounds every week to your lifts as you once could. The progress will come slower and in smaller increments.

One way to progress? Increase the range of motion by doing an exercise from a deficit. Reaching untapped ranges of motion will not only help you develop strength but also make you more mobile.

Warning: Don’t jump into these deeper positions with the same weight you use with a standard range of motion. Work through them slowly and focus on controlling the movement from start to finish. You’ll build up the strength and confidence and also prevent injury.

To progress further, increase the height of the deficit slightly. Just don’t use a deficit high enough that’ll disrupt technique. Start conservatively; half an inch can go a long way.

Not every exercise is better with a deficit, but here are some that I’ve used with great success.

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