Inflammation: A Secret Cause of Overeating?

Talk to an obese guy and he’ll often tell you that he, ironically, doesn’t even enjoy food anymore. Now we know part of the reason why: food doesn’t taste as good because he has fewer taste bud cells.

We can theorize that this is part of the reason why overweight people reach for increasingly fatty and sugary foods – those hyper-flavored foods taste normal to them. A lean person may find a banana sweet and a donut cloying, but an obese person wouldn’t taste the natural sweetness in a piece of fruit, and it wouldn’t be satisfying.

This could become a slippery slope even for the not-obese person who enjoys one too many cheat meals – or a lifter on a bulking diet. The fatter you get, the more sweetness you’ll need to satisfy your “sweet tooth,” and the harder it’ll be to enjoy healthy foods. But as you lose body fat, you’ll grow more taste buds and be more sensitive to healthy flavors.

Followers of the Velocity Diet® have reported similar effects: after the 28-day diet, healthy foods they didn’t even like before began to taste delicious, making their fat loss more easily sustainable.

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