This Testosterone Booster Works for Men and Women

Older men and women can benefit from taking Tongkat Ali to raise testosterone levels. While it’s true that previous studies have concentrated on its testosterone-elevating effects in younger men, it’s not known whether these findings would hold true for younger women, too.

Younger women generally have lower SHBG levels than older women, and thus might not feel much of a difference from Tongkat Ali. Younger women also have to be wary about the potentially masculinizing effects of elevated levels of testosterone. (That said, some women can suffer from low T, just like men. Info here.)

However, if you’re a man who feels he might benefit from higher levels of testosterone (or an older woman who feels the same), try taking a daily dosage of at least 200 mg. of Tongkat Ali. Two capsules of our formula Alpha Male® contain the same amount of highly purified Tongkat Ali used in the study.

While the formula was created for men, it also contains the compound forskolin, as well as the herb Tribulus Terrestris, both of which have been shown in studies to benefit women, too.

While forskolin has been shown to elevate testosterone in men, it doesn’t have the same effect in women. Instead, it works to reduce female belly fat. Similarly, while some studies of Tribulus Terrestris have shown it to increase testosterone production in men, it only stimulates androgen receptors in women’s brains, thus helping them respond better to their natural levels of circulating hormones.

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