The 50/100 Push-Up Challenge

If you’re into bodyweight training, a foundation of 50 strict push-ups will set you up for quicker progress with more advanced calisthenics moves. But even if you’re more interested in lifting weights, getting your reps up is still important.

High rep, strict push-ups do wonders for improving your joint health and strength. High rep ranges strengthen connective tissue. Muscles, however, tend to adapt faster to lower rep ranges, which often leads to injuries when the connective tissue hasn’t gotten as strong as the muscles surrounding it.

That’s why lifters are prone to damaging their pec and shoulder tendons from heavy bench pressing. It’s also why calisthenics athletes sometimes hurt themselves doing things like the human flag.

Part of the reason high reps are great for your connective tissue is because cartilage, tendons, and ligaments don’t have as robust of a blood supply as the muscles themselves. However, by performing a greater amount of reps, you pump more blood to these areas, which helps repair damage and keeps your joints healthy and strong.

Doing 50 straight push-ups with strict form will give you one hell of a pump. This is good for muscle growth, too.

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