Take This to Change White Fat to Brown Fat

This is a nutrient well known for its anti-obesity effects, but most of those effects have, to this point, largely been chalked up to C3G’s effects on selective insulin sensitivity, insulin signaling, and glucose and nutrient management in general. (These same traits also help give the compound its famed muscle-building effects.)

However, Japanese researchers have just discovered that C3G also turns white fat cells brown, meaning that ordinary fat-storing white cells are being converted into energy-burning brown cells.

Their paper, published recently in the Journal of Biochemistry, described how C3G “induced phenotypic changes to white adipocytes (fat cells).” These changes included increased mitochondrial content, which is the hallmark trait of brown fat cells. The C3G also promoted “preadipocyte differentiation,” which means it coaxed cute, little baby fat cells into going brown.

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